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Industrial Springs
We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying Industrial Springs that includes volute springs, valve springs, wave springs and extension springs. We design and manufacture springs of specific dimensions according to client''s requirement.
 Volute Springs

Volute springs are preferred over normal helical springs because of their
- superior lateral
- stability Non-linearity of their load/deflection curve
The larger coils will bottom out sooner than the smaller coils. This causes an increasing rate since the gradient varies as the cube of the diameter. This is a good feature for shock absorbers.

  Wave Springs

Wave springs can be used in a variety of industrial applications. For example in a pressure release valve a wave spring is used in order to maintain an exact load applied to the top sealing plate. Wave springs are also used in clutch drives. The most common application for wave springs is a bearing preload arrangement. Using the wave spring within the bearing lowers operating temperature, reduces vibration, minimizes wear, and provided for a quieter and smoother performance. Wave springs can also be found in very common household products. Sprinkler valves contain wave springs in order to maintain constant pressure on the pop-up-head, firmly holding it closed. The water pressure will overcome the springs force and the water will be released, after the water pressure decreases the force of the spring will regain statute and the pop-up-head is resealed. One of the last major applications of wave springs are the ones found within the gear box drive. The wave spring greatly reduces the vibration within the gear box. Also, the spring takes up tolerances that accumulate in the plastic components of the box.

  Extension Springs

We offer extension-springs that are typically manufactured with an initial tension, which presses the coils together in the free state. We make use of this standard fabrication method as it allows consistent free lengths to be produced. The extension springs can also be provided in varying lengths and degrees of tension depending on various pulling forces, as specified by client. Our standard range of extension springs is available with hook and crossover loop ends. Apart from this, we also design and manufacture springs of specific dimensions according to client's requirement.

  Valve Springs

A very great deal is demanded of a valve springs and JMD Springs always ensure that they work closely with the Customer in establishing the requirements of a new spring. The latest design methods for valve springs, dynamic pre-calculation and high-performance measurement and testing technology ensure that the component conforms to the maximum to Customer's wishes and runs without problem. Improvement of material surface can extend service intervals. The use of high-value materials and innovative processes ensure highest quality levels and maximum reliability.

  Coil Springs

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